25 Times People Had Their Day Ruined

There are always troubles in the way of life. However, when we think that everything is going well, surprise! Something happens and ruins our day.

Small things can make our day worse, but hey… Let’s have a laugh about that and move on.

Viral Strange has collected 25 pictures showing the worst day some people wished to forget.

1. Got a sandwich stuck in the vending machine. I bought a drink to push the sandwich. Damn.

© ioxenus/Reddit

2. Meanwhile in Drogheda

© Jordo141/Reddit

3. Well f*%k

© Medicina/Reddit

4. This is why I can’t have nice things

© scarletrav3n/Reddit

5. Today was a bad day at Apple’s customer service. The dude slammed the door on the way out.

© appledoorthrowaway/Reddit

6. Bad day at the new job

© cooneyes/Reddit

7. I was also having a bad day.

© sparks89/Reddit

8. Oh, damn…

© Pankratoff89/pikabu

9. What are the odds?

© LSTT88/pikabu

10. My friend works at a bank and today this happened.

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11. I’m a baker. After working all morning on this order, I get this text from my boss…

© skillsontoast92/Reddit

12. A great way to start the day

© lisamartens/Imgur

13. If you’re having a bad day yourself…

© DontKnowCantCare/Imgur

14. Ultimate fail. Don’t really know how to caption this. Just look

© domechromer/Reddit

15. My friend put a glass of ice water down on a black glass table on the hottest day of the year.

© just-amazing/Reddit

16. My senior high school yearbook delivers one last punch.

© LizzWizz/Reddit

17. No U-turn allowed? F*%k it, I’m a truck.

© luismemotorres/Reddit

18. This is my dad’s $800 guitar. I’m dead.

© unknown author/Imgur

19. Washed some pillows…

© unknown author/Imgur

20. So I walked into my office this morning…

© sobo19/Reddit

21. Well, sh*t.

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22. Can’t make it to work, I’m frozen in.

© jimmyg4life/Reddit

23. This handicap toilet in a 4-star hotel.

© Doru_andrei17/Reddit

24. Left my window down at Walmart & came back to a slice gone

© HecksNawBro/Twitter

25. Don’t want to lose that bikini top

© youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget/Imgur

What is something that would totally ruin your day? Tell us in the comments.