26 Pictures You Need To Look At Twice

We at Viral Strange will show you some funny (and weird) pictures that you need to look at twice!

Water can be tricky…

© izismile

Whose arm is that?

© lilahmy

A nice swimsuit for a man…

© imgur

When bearded guys look up:

© YnnzZ

My sister took a Polaroid of the dog in the snow but he blends in too well.”

© apotr0paic / twitter

More proof that cats are liquid.

© NapkinTheBatDad / reddit

“Looks like my ex.”

© ratgraves / twitter

Darth Vader is back. Does it make the same sounds?

© txdude75252 / reddit

“What did this palm tree find out?”

© MrSllew / reddit

Did you think that this was toothpaste too?

© farmerfrugal / reddit

Industries polluting the clean air

© Dragonlord_66 / reddit

“The bottom of my eraser looks like a painting of birds in front of a row of trees.”

© Maxiscoolerthanyou / reddit

Giant pigeons


“I hope it’s just an illusion.”

© kilerppk / reddit

This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes:

© wtdarn / reddit

How is this even possible?

© whicketywack / reddit

“Ducks will start to melt at 90°F.”

© varric_chestbeard / reddit

“This truck carrying rolls of plastic looks like Cookie Monster.”

© TheSpacePope17 / reddit

No, this is not a dog.

© otterpigeon / reddit

Great muscles!

© McCyanide / reddit

Don’t call the fire team just yet…

© Isagra / reddit

This is too cruel:

© vernontwinkie / reddit

Just a frozen statue, nothing more.

© banzaaai / reddit

Don’t confuse them!

© mk911 / reddit

This backpack is very light, but what do you need it for?

© Scaulbylausis / reddit