A gorgeous woman was quickly becoming a rising star in the world of health and fitness when she fell into a coma without warning. Days later, she was dead. Investigators came forward with disturbing information.

Larissa Borges was an up-and-coming, Brazilian-born social media influencer with a zest for life. Tragically, she passed away in a shocking series of events that left both her family and her fans desperately searching for answers.

At age 33, Borges was making a name for herself in the fitness empire. The exotic beauty had posted only a handful of photos to her Instagram before she began landing gigs promoting health and fashion companies. Along with the occasional video documenting her different workout routines, Borges would often snap a selfie of her latest escapade and outfit.

Before long, Borges had accrued over 33,000 followers as she documented her life of fitness and style. Sadly, her career would only begin to take off when she was struck by a silent killer she never saw coming.

Borges was rushed to a hospital in Gramado when she unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest, the Mirror reports. As emergency medical treatment was administered, she fell into a coma, barely clinging to life. After spending a week in an unconscious state, Borges suddenly suffered a second cardiac arrest.

Although physicians were able to stabilize Borges the first time, no one could save her from her tragic fate. The budding model passed away from the double cardiac arrest, and authorities tried to pinpoint the cause of death for such a young and health-focused individual.

Because of the mysterious circumstances, investigators scheduled Borges’ body for a post-mortem examination to help establish a cause of death. Disturbingly, a preliminary investigation revealed that she may have been under the influence of chemical substances as well as alcohol during the time of her first cardiac arrest, the New York Post reports.

When Borges was initially admitted to the hospital, her family took over her social media account to keep followers updated on her condition. While support for the beloved beauty poured in, fans couldn’t help but notice how bizarre the situation was.

Followers were quick to point out the cruel irony of some of Borges’ posts, one of which included a caption praising the strength of the “human heart.” Several other posts promoted cardio workouts, which some took as a harbinger of her impending doom. Additionally, her final post included a selfie with the caption “I can believe in tomorrow.”

The family shared with fans that Larissa Borges was more than just a social media influencer and had “fought courageously” until the end. They requested donations to relocate her body from Gramado back to her hometown.

Borges’ tragic death reminds us that no one is promised tomorrow. Death doesn’t respect one’s profession, lifestyle, or influence, and so we must make the most of the time we have now.