A pensioner helped a herd of elephants and they did not forget the kind man.

In 1999, a man helped a herd of wild elephants in South Africa. This herd was considered unpredictable, and even the rangers, fearing the attack of animals, did not come to the rescue. Many years later, when the man grew old and weakened, the elephants came to say goodbye to him.



Being an active fighter for the conservation of nature, Lawrence Anthony became famous in the world under the nickname “Elephant Whisperer”. He understood these animals well.

In 1999, a herd of elephants fell into a swamp. Anthony knew that the elephants would not let a human approach them. They need time to share their personal space.

The man patiently waited for the elephants to get used to him. This took about a few days. He brought them food. And then, one by one, he led the whole herd out of the swamp onto solid ground.

It seems that the story ended here, but it is not so. Elephants never forget the ones who once helped them! They actually have phenomenal memory.

Now Lawrence became completely weak and hardly leave the house. Recently, the pensioner’s relatives have seen a whole herd of elephants at the window – about 30 elephants walked 12 kilometers and then looked for his home in the reserve for almost two days.

They came to say goodbye to their old friend. Then the elephants went away, probably forever…