Cancer: 8 silent signs that should not be ignored

Cancer is a really dangerous disease that can affect you, your body, and your loved ones in a lot of different ways. It is a single disease of all that cannot be cured properly if it is in the 3rd or 4th stage.

It can affect different parts of your body in many ways. Let me tell you about what exactly happens when you have cancer or how it can spread through your body. When someone has cancer different parts of her or his body start growing rapidly and also the growth becomes uncontrollable affecting the healthy tissues of the body.

When different parts of the body grow it can cause a lot of changes in the body causing different symptoms inside the body. As I said earlier that cancer is a very dangerous and worrying disease that’s why Today in this article we will discuss different causes and silent signs of cancer.

World Health Organization which is the leading health organization estimated that cancer was the 2nd most dangerous and deadly disease which caused 9.6 Million deaths in year 2018.

There are different types of cancer in males and females. Here are the lists of different kinds of cancer in both men and women:

Prostate Cancer
Lung Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Bladder Cancer
Skin Cancer(Melanoma)

Breast Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Endometrial Cancer
Lung Cancer
Cervical Cancer
Skin Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
These are different types of cancer in both males and females. We will discuss silent signs of cancer in both females and males.

These signs are very common and of course, there are different symptoms for each type of cancer, but there are also common signs that appear in your body after you have cancer.

Let’s start without further wasting your time:

Different Kinds Of Moles
We all have different kinds of moles in our bodies but that’s normal. It all starts when the color, size, and shape of these moles change. This is a silent sign that you may be experiencing cancer.

Weight Loss
Discomfort and Pain

Bleeding In Urine
Changes in Bowel Habits
Continuous Cough
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