Farrah Fawcett Reportedly Included Ex in Will & Left Nothing to Beloved Partner Ryan O’Neal: Details

Fourteen years have gone by since the late Hollywood actress Farrah Fawcett passed away, and her loved ones, including her longtime partner, Ryan O’Neal, continue to miss her.
Despite remaining by her side throughout her battle with her illness, reports revealed O’Neal was excluded from Fawcett’s will.
However, one of the men she dated in the past received a significant sum from her estate.

This year marks the 14th anniversary of the death of actress and original member of “Charlie’s Angels,” Farrah Fawcett. Before she passed away, her longtime partner, actor Ryan O’Neal, 82, remained at her side throughout her final days. The “Love Story” star is also the father of Fawcett’s one and only kid, Redmond O’Neal.

O’Neal’s devotion to Fawcett endured even when she got to a point where she could no longer recognize him while receiving treatment in the hospital, where she was heavily sedated. The item spent three decades together before she died.

Despite the couple going through a bit of a rough patch years before Fawcett met her demise and right before O’Neal faced a health battle of his own in 2001, he revealed that they had worked out their differences and stuck together. During this period, he said:

“We started over again, and this time we built it in a way that had foundation and trust…Our son was happy.”

The “Paper Moon” talent’s love and commitment for Fawcett was so strong that even when the blonde actress was on her deathbed, frail and fragile, O’Neal still saw her for the beauty she was and vowed to be there for her until the very end. He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her to fend for herself as she reached a point where she could not even turn over alone.

O’Neal stood by his love even when he admitted to being unsure of Fawcett making a full recovery and returning home. According to close friend and fellow American actress Alana Stewart, the feeling of having a profound sense of love was mutual for Fawcett as well:

“…he’s always been the real love of her life. She never stopped loving him.”

When Farrah Fawcett Died, Ryan O’Neal Was Omitted from Her Will While One of Her Exes Received Some Money

After a long battle with cancer, Fawcett sadly passed away in 2009. She left behind a will that stipulated how exactly she wanted all her assets shared amongst her remaining loved ones. The legal document reportedly mentioned three benefactors, of which Fawcett’s loving partner, O’Neal, was not one.

In addition to her father, James Fawcett, and Redmond, a portion of the inheritance was allegedly left to an ex-boyfriend, a former footballer from Texas, Greg Lott. While Lott claimed to be Fawcett’s first and true love, O’Neal dismissed his claim and called him a disgruntled ex from the sixties.

When speaking on his father’s devastation over Fawcett’s death, Griffin called him out for crying crocodile tears.

Others also cast doubt upon Lott’s claim over Fawcett because, according to reports, the Texan had a checkered past, which saw him having run-ins with the law. However, sources also seemed to validate Lott’s assertions that Fawcett left him $100,000. Meanwhile, Lott further stated:

“I am a beneficiary of her estate. I have been asked to maintain the confidentiality of the estate, which I must respect.”

Another beneficiary of Fawcett’s will, her dad, reportedly received $500,000, to enable him to take care of his health, maintain his lifestyle, and provide him with overall comfortable support.

The bulk of her estate ($4.5 million) went to her son. Redmond has also been battling alcohol and drug addiction for the majority of his life and had previously served time in jail as a result of this. Additionally, he spent some time at a rehab center based in Los Angeles after being released from incarceration.

Being well aware of her son’s dangerous habits before she died, Fawcett hired a trustee to allocate Redmond’s inheritance in installments instead of a once-off payment. She also did this to enable Redmond to purchase a home and do what he could to fight his addictions. However, despite the doting mom’s efforts to help her son, police officers arrested Redmond in 2018, alleging that he robbed a convenience store armed with a knife.

Farrah Fawcett’s Ex Speaks Out against Ryan O’Neal, Whose Eldest Son Questioned His Motives
Rewinding to Lott’s claim that he and Fawcett were the first and last loves of each other’s lives, outside of what Fawcett’s will stipulated, the former footballer proved his claims with love letters he exchanged with her in the past. Lott also believed that O’Neal deliberately kept him from seeing Fawcett again before she died:

“I last spoke to Farrah late on the night of April 9, two-and-a-half months before she died…She told me: ‘I’m coming home tomorrow. I love you and I will call you.’ I never got to say goodbye…Ryan shut me out of her life.”

Despite Lott’s proof, O’Neal maintained that Fawcett did not want to see Lott during her final days. However, Fawcett’s dad backed Lott’s assertions. In an interview in the past, he also said O’Neal was why Lott did not get to see Fawcett.

In addition to Lott, O’Neal’s eldest son, Griffin O’Neal, believed that his father had ulterior motives for his actions. When speaking on O’Neal’s devastation over Fawcett’s death, Griffin called him out for crying crocodile tears. He also said it was a ploy to get Fawcett to include him in her will:

“…It was so disgustingly transparent as soon as he found out she was terminal. I consider him a vulture presiding over a carcass…and he wouldn’t sign the pre-nup.”

O’Neal has since denied his son’s claims and said he would never need Fawcett’s money because he has enough of his own.

Despite the family drama, Fawcett is severely missed by her loved ones, who continue to carry her legacy.