Former circus elephants separated for 22 years, camera catches phenomenal moment they reunite for 1st time

According to researchers, elephants are most similar to humans when it comes to expressing emotions.

These animals are capable of expressing grief when some of their family dies, and they are also capable of ‘adopting’ young calves who lost their moms.

The story of Shirley and Jenny, two circus elephants who had been separated for 22 years before they finally reunited is just another proof of the caring and loving nature of this species.

The video of the long-anticipated reunion was taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The love and affection these long-lost friends showed to one another is astonishing. It shows that elephants do have incredible memory.

It looks like no time passed by for these incredible creatures. The time they once spent together at the circus where they performed was enough to form a bond that would last a lifetime.

You can take a look at the video of Shirley and Jenny below.

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