Girl Discovers Stepdad Installed Hidden Camera in Her Bedroom: ‘How Do I Bring This up to My Mom?’

Navigating life with a stepparent can sometimes be challenging. However, a 21-year-old tried to put her differences aside to live harmoniously with her stepfather, mother, and half-brother. She was eight years old when her stepfather became part of the family, and things have been a wave of emotions since.

In the past, her stepfather would make questionable remarks that were sometimes inappropriate. However, the girl dismissed those things because she saw him as a father figure who only intended to love and raise her as his daughter.

Her mind has since changed after discovering a camera in her room. As she narrates, her 36-year-old stepfather, mother, and two younger brothers went out of town to go on a camping trip. Unfortunately, she couldn’t join them because of work commitments.

The spy camera had a view of the girl’s entire room, where she did everything, including change.
Instead, she stayed home to watch over their residence and look after their pets. Before her family left, the girl’s stepfather suggested that she invite her boyfriend over to keep her company. Her stepdad’s words baffled her as he had made it clear that the girl should not be alone at home with her boyfriend.

What Did the Stepfather Do?
Before leaving, her stepdad placed new cameras around their home and positioned one outside the girl’s window. When her boyfriend came over the next day, he discovered that the camera, which ran from the window to inside the room, received power from a spy camera power block.

The spy camera had a view of the girl’s entire room, where she did everything, including change. While she tried to create excuses for her stepfather, such that he mistakenly grabbed the wrong box or was only trying to detect robbers, she could not comprehend why there was a camera in her bedroom.

Upon checking the spy camera, the girl and her boyfriend found an SD card inside, which they planned to go through. Unfortunately, the girl did not mention if there were any findings on the card.

She knows that the consequences it will have on her family are extreme and that everything will change.
How Did the Girl React?
The girl knew she had to tell her mom but did not know how. “I’m at a complete loss,” she said. She went to her aunt and uncle’s home nearby and told them what happened. Fortunately, they are supportive of her telling her mom about it.

The girl was upset but, at the same time, grateful to have family members support her as she processed the situation. She knows that the consequences it will have on her family are extreme and that everything will change, especially since her mom and stepdad had a five-year-old son. She turned to the online community, asking:

“How do I bring this up to my mom? […] Has anyone that has been in a similar situation have advice? How can I do this without causing extreme damage to the family?”

The girl received advice from the online community, suggesting that she come forward, not only to her mom but also to the police. One person suggested she move to her aunt and uncle’s home and discuss the situation with her mom.

“You will never be comfortable under the same roof as that man again. You’ll always have to wonder if there are more cameras and if they’re also in the bathroom,” another person said. “Just remember YOU didn’t damage the family. He did.”

The girl never updated the online community with her situation, but hopefully, she has taken the necessary steps to maintain her safety and keep the stepfather away from her family.

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