Greedy Pastors Only Want Rich Granny’s Money – She Leaves Them with ‘One-Two Punch’ after Death

Three years ago, a Reddit user took to the platform to share how their grandmother got her final revenge against her church for not supporting or visiting her during the final years of her life.

The original poster (OP) said their grandma had been a churchgoing woman and dedicated most of her life and effort to the church, organizing events, cooking breakfasts for the youth, and helping other church members wherever possible.

The OP shared that during her time with the church, she had even saved some people from embarrassment by picking up the slack on tasks they had dropped the ball on and never even received a “thank you” for her efforts.

However, when OP’s grandma was 73, she was involved in a car accident and broke her back, which led to her inability to walk again and her health severely deteriorating. During this time, she reached out to two pastors and her church friends to visit her at home, but they never came.

What Happened before the Grandma Died?
While she sat at home, inviting people over, only for her invitations to be declined or ignored, OP’s grandmother remained loyal to her church and strong in her faith.

Eventually, due to her deteriorating health, she had to be moved to hospice care. While there, she decided to plan her funeral with her husband’s and her pastor’s help.

When OP’s grandmother asked her pastor to meet her and discuss her funeral arrangements, he said he was too busy but would send another pastor with whom she was familiar.

When the other pastor arrived to see OP’s grandmother, he duly reminded her that she should include her church in her will because they needed the money. Surprised by the pastor’s audacity to bring up his wife’s will, OP’s grandfather told the pastor:

“This is neither the time nor the place to discuss her will.”

OP’s grandfather reminded the pastor that although his wife was still mentally sharp, she was in enormous physical pain and that he needed to respect that and speak only of her funeral arrangements.

The pastor complied but only to talk about the funeral arrangements briefly, after which he would steer the conversation back to the woman’s will in his pursuit of a donation.

This happened a few times, disappointing OP’s grandfather and his usually stoic wife, who ended up sobbing uncontrollably. This time, OP’s grandfather decided to escort the pastor out of their home.

Six months later, OP’s grandmother passed away. At the reading of her will, her whole family was present, including the two pastors from her church, who would soon get a taste of the lady’s revenge.

What Did the Grandmother Bequeath to the Church?
Because of what happened when the pastor came to visit to help in the planning of the old woman’s funeral, she and her husband decided her funeral would be held at their home instead of the church. It was an “open microphone” funeral, which meant anyone in attendance could approach the podium and talk about the deceased.

People spoke up to honor the woman and many said it was one of the most comforting and uplifting funerals they had ever attended, leaving OP’s grandfather proud.

Soon after the funeral, it was time to read the will. OP said the meeting room size was similar to a conventional living room, and it was packed to the brim, with extra seating inserted and still some people standing.

Among those in attendance were the two pastors from the church who sat in front as the lawyer read the will. This meant the pastors were facing the rest of the room and could not leave.

The will began with the distribution of small, invaluable items that held sentimental value until it progressed to monetary bequeathments to each family member. As the lawyer read, the family realized that each figure was more significant than the last and that they were being announced in ascending order.

After a while, the lawyer proceeded to reading the portion concerning the church and its pastors. However, before their donations were read, the lawyer read a letter from OP’s grandmother.

In the letter, the grandma explained that she had tried unsuccessfully to reach out to everyone she knew from the church but felt alone in her final days when her pastor didn’t even visit her because he was too busy.

She mentioned that long before the other pastor visited her, she had already written her will, donating twenty percent of her entire estate to her church. But after the pastor’s visit, she decided to change her will to include the pastors’ names and change the amount. According to OP, this was when his grandmother revealed her “One-Two-Punch.”

First, OP’s grandmother referred to the pastors’ church as her former church and revealed that she would be bequeathing one cent each to the two pastors. “To match all of the love that they have showed to me during the last 10 years of my life,” she reasoned.

The second punch came when OP’s grandmother mentioned that she had chosen a Black church in the area to donate her money to, a church that her former church had once supported but had an acrimonious breakup from because they preached the Social Gospel instead of the True Gospel.

When the lawyer read out the amount OP’s grandmother had left the new church, there was shock around the room. OP clarified why this was so difficult for the pastors to hear by saying:

“To many white Southerners, this was one of the most personally insulting things you could do to them. It simultaneously labeled them as racists, condemned their bigotry, and crushed their delusions of white superiority by saying, ‘These Black human beings, whom you hate, disrespect, and have mistreated, are better people than you are. So they deserve my money more than you do.’”

The grandma, quite wealthy when she passed, had left the church twenty percent of her entire estate to the Black church, which she had initially intended for her former church. What a strong woman with unshakeable values!

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