James Fridman Trolls People With Photoshop Edits

James has a funny side when he takes over Photoshop and keeps trolling people who ask him about bizarre edits. His name is not unknown to the public as to why his works have gone viral on the internet.

Viral Strange has collected 28 pics edited by James Friedman that will make you roll on the floor laughing!

1. Welcome to America.

2. Behind the tank…

3. LOL, James!

4. Sure…

5. LMAO!

6. Done!

7. Hey, James… Could you… Aghh! LOL

8. OMG!

9. This was fun, Fridman!

10. Hilarious!

11. He has a point…

12. I can’t stop laughing!

13. All the gurls you need…