Kevin Costner’s Ex Intends to Search for Job despite Already Having a ‘Full-Time’ One

In new developments regarding the divorce of Hollywood actor Kevin Costner, 68, and Christine Baumgartner, 49, the judge assigned to their case has ruled that the monthly child support payments made by Kevin will not increase. The judge, Thomas Anderle, reached his verdict after two days of testimony.

By ruling in favor of the “Yellowstone” star, the new and final monthly child support amount is now $63,209. Previously, Baumgartner was requesting a total of $161,592, having asked for an additional $31,837.

In light of the 49-year-old’s former request, a temporary amount of $129,755 was previously set. Of the judge ruling in his favor regarding the custody battle and the plan for co-parenting ahead, Kevin announced:

“You know, when you have a life that long with somebody, there is no winner…She’s an incredible mom. We will figure it out and we’ll share.”

Christine Baumgartner Complained About Her and Her Kids’ Living Conditions and Expressed Her Intention of Finding a Job
Although the issue of the child support amount has reached a conclusion, the former couple will still have to appear in court to discuss who will be responsible for paying their lawyer fees in addition to other racked-up costs. According to Baumgartner’s friend, who also said she was disappointed and shocked, she stated that the battle between her and Kevin is far from over.

Previously, while in court, Baumgartner had argued that the residence she is currently renting, which costs $40,000 a month, is not fit for her family. Additionally, she complained about the guest quarters in her home and expressed that her two boys, Hayes and Cayden Costner, would have to share one bathroom. She also said her daughter, Grace Costner:

“has to share a bathroom with the house.”

When being cross-examined, she was asked if she intends to secure a job to fund her lifestyle. The mother of three disclosed that she had only just begun exploring the idea but said:

A source close to Baumgartner said that Kevin is of the illusion that Baumgartner does not want to work and would prefer a free ride. The friend also stated:

“…he seems to have forgotten that she already has a full-time job, it’s called being a mother to their three children.”