Man Became Rich & Left Son and Wife in Poverty for a New Family, Later Son Visits Him on His Deathbed

An angry son plotted revenge against his father after he abandoned him and his mother. His father tried to mend their relationship before he died, but the son found a way to inherit his entire estate.

An angry son shared how he got revenge on his father on Reddit. He expressed that his father left him and his mother after he landed a high-paying job.

The father moved on with a young woman, left his wife and children with nothing, and even refused to pay alimony. The son watched his mother work tirelessly while his father went on vacations in Europe and the Caribbean with his new wife and children.

However, he discovered that his father had cancer, and while on his deathbed, he tried to extend an olive branch to his son. But the apology did not cut it for him; he said his father told him he turned out fine and got rich, so there should not be any bad blood between them.

The apology only infuriated him because he felt his father did not understand how difficult it was for him to get this far and how much his mother had sacrificed.

He reiterated, “ignoring the fact mom worked herself to death, and my grandparents had to come out of retirement to keep us off the streets, considering he managed to settle my mom with all the debt that went into building his fortune.”

So it was not surprising that the son threw the apology back in his father’s face with an added layer of insults. “… Told him he deserved the painful death he was going to have and left.” he continued to express

How Did the Son Plot His Revenge?
After the aggravating encounter with his father, the son went to vent about it to his father-in-law, who informed him that he had the grounds to sue his father for his estate after he died.

All the unpaid alimony gave him a solid case to reclaim his inheritance. His father-in-law connected him with a lawyer who handled such cases well. Fortunately, the son also held on to the emails his parents shared after his dad left. They showed his mother begging him for money and the father mocking her.

So, after one meeting with the lawyer, they agreed that they would file a lawsuit after his dad died. It turned out the man knew what he was doing because the judge granted the son his father’s entire estate.

The full asset investigation took long, but the last asset he received was the beachfront house he bought his second wife after she fell pregnant with their first child.

The woman chose to deliver the keys in person and proceeded to tell the son how much of a bad person he was to take her children’s inheritance, to which he responded, “Lady, I’m just a bad man getting revenge on a worse man.”

He knew that some things he did were mean, but he wanted revenge for himself and his mother after she died, working extremely hard for her family. “He and that gold digger he married deserve at least a modicum of the fear and pain I lived with as a kid,” he remarked.

Although it seemed that he had caused the same turmoil his father brought him when he was young, the son clarified that all the kids involved were in their mid-twenties with college degrees.

As for his stepmother’s children, he said they already had an inheritance waiting for them, so his fathers would have just made him richer.

Was the Son Wrong for Seeking Revenge?
This long journey to revenge did not make the son’s grandfather happy, but he was unwilling to back down without a fight. Reddit users could not stop commending the son for how she strategically took revenge against his father. People said his father deserved it and were happy he got to take out his anger on him before he died.

But one of the readers’ favorite parts of the story was his response to his father’s second wife. Even though the son did not like the kind of person the resentment turned him into, he was happy to feel like he had fought for his mother even though she was gone.

Therefore, commenters believed he deserved every cent of his inheritance and told him to disregard what his grandfather thought about how everything went down. Here is a story about an old man who deprived his son of his inheritance because he sacrificed his relationship with his biological son for his adopted children.