Mom of 4 Sacrifices Her Life to Save Son While Her Husband Tries to Save Their Other Child

A family of six went to a remote waterfall with a family friend, hoping to have a good time when a tragedy turned their lives upside down.
It started when the family’s 10-year-old son slipped into the water and couldn’t get out.
Hoping to save her child, the mother jumped into the water, unaware that she wouldn’t come out alive.

What was supposed to be a fun trip for a family turned into a nightmare when one of the children slipped and fell into a body of water. Melissa Bagley was at Franconia Falls in New Hampshire with her family of six and a family friend when the unexpected happened.

The family went for a hike on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, hoping they would have a good time there. However, an unexpected tragedy turned their family trip into a heartbreaking experience.

According to the authorities, the family reached the Lincoln Woods trailhead at 1 p.m. that afternoon. They had traveled from their home in Massachusetts and planned to swim at the waterfall.

When the family visited the falls, Melissa’s 10-year-old son slipped into the pool. The water had a strong current, making it difficult for the little boy to stay afloat or get out.

What Happened after the Boy Slipped?
Melissa, a loving mother of four, was known for her selflessness and warmth. She couldn’t bear watching her child struggle with the fast currents, so she immediately jumped into the water body to save her little one without thinking about the consequences.

Her instant decision to put her life in danger to save her son led her into trouble. According to the authorities, she couldn’t keep herself afloat, which made her two sons jump into the water to save their brother and mother.

The boys located their brother and brought him to safety, but one of them, an 18-year-old, got stuck in the boulders. At that point, their father, Everett Police Lt. Sean Bagley, was searching for his beloved wife in the water.

Sean soon found her on a rock near the base of the falls. As a professional, the man knew what to do during such situations. Hoping to save her, he immediately performed CPR on his wife but couldn’t revive her.

Then, the man turned toward his 18-year-old and helped him get to a safe place. At that point, everyone except Melissa was safe. Soon, the first responders arrived at the remote location via UTVs and ATVs, but they didn’t have good news for the family.

The first responders examined the boy who got stuck in the boulders and sent him to Littleton Hospital in Littleton, New Hampshire, for treatment. However, when they looked at the 44-year-old mother, they immediately informed the family that she had already passed away.

It was around 4 p.m. when the authorities learned about the incident and responded to the family’s call for help. The following day, the Everett Police Department released an official statement on their Facebook page:

“The Everett Police Department is sad to report the sudden passing of Melissa Bagley, 44 yrs of age, wife of Lt Sean Bagley, who died during a family outing along the river in the White Mountain area yesterday afternoon.”

How Did People React to the Incident?
Melissa’s heartwrenching story showed how a mother can go above and beyond to ensure her family is safe. When Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria learned about the unfortunate incident, he expressed his thoughts through the city’s Facebook page.

He said that, being a parent, he could understand what Melissa must have thought when she saw her son fall into the pool. He added, “Melissa did everything she could to protect her children and her family.”

“This tragic event is an important reminder to us all to never miss an opportunity to tell those you love how much they mean to you,” DeMaria stated after asking people to keep Sean and his family in their thoughts.

Meanwhile, the Everett Police Department also asked people to give Sean’s family space to mourn Melissa’s unexpected demise. The incident traumatized his family because they never thought their fun trip would end so tragically.

The authorities are still investigating Melissa’s unexpected death and have scheduled an autopsy. They clarified that drugs “do not appear to be a factor.” Meanwhile, a close one, Alison Frazee, set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the Bagley family as they dealt with the most challenging time of their lives.

“Melissa exemplified the epitome of selflessness by making the ultimate sacrifice for her family,” Frazee stated. “Left in the wake of her departure is her loving husband and four beautiful children who will now need to learn to navigate life without her.”

Frazee aimed to raise $75,000 for the grieving family. As of now, over $32,000 have been raised through 376 donations. Some donors also shared words of support for Sean and his kids.

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