Owner Breaks Brick Wall to Free Dog with Stuck Head

Sometimes animals get into trouble, and when that happens, humans must step in to help these poor animals. In Bac Giang, Viet Nam, there was a case of a dog whose head got accidentally stuck on a concrete wall. Nobody knows why this occurred, but it was fortunate that the tiny pup was found and saved right away.

Le Minh Duc, a resident of Bac Giang, Vietnam, shared this wrenched-heart experience on the internet and received lots of attention from internet users.

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He recounted: “When my younger sister and I returned from the market, we couldn’t find the dog anywhere.”

They started looking around and discovered that this “buddy” had his head stuck in the wall and could not get free himself.

Duc and his sister were both laughing and crying when they saw the scene, and immediately they tried their best to do all the rescue tricks but still failed.

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Finally, to free the little dog’s head, Duc had to use a hammer and chisel to cleverly break through the brick wall, avoiding all harm and pain that could happen to the dog. And it took him over 20 minutes to do it. Luckily, the dog was safely rescued. “When we broke the wall to rescue him, he was so happy that he jumped around in excitement. Now he’s fine, running and jumping like crazy,” Minh Duc shared.

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The story of the two brothers participating in rescuing the energetic dog in trouble captured the attention of viewers when posted on a forum. Many people have left comments about this story:

Internet user Doan Thu Huyen shared: “I don’t understand how it managed to squeeze into that tiny hole and get stuck there. It’s both pitiful and funny; look at its face; it’s so adorable.”

“It’s so funny. Why do you crawl in there? The trouble comes from being too curious,” commented Facebook user Ca Chua.

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“My dog went to the neighbor’s house that night, and when he came back, he went straight into the gap of the iron door. He didn’t show up when I called him the next morning. He stayed in the same position and not gave a sound until I found him and pulled him out.” Facebook user Hien Hien shared a hilarious experience with her dog.

“Should have mixed a little soap with water. Rub it on the dog’s head so it becomes slippery. It would have helped it crawl through more easily,” another Facebook user suggested as a different way to rescue the dog.

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