Schwarzenegger’s Son Seen after Amazing Weight Loss — Christopher Is His Only Kid Who Lives Privately

Arnold Schwarzenegger was married to Maria Shriver for 25 years before they separated in 2011. The pair have four kids, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Christina Schwarzenegger, and Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Arnold is also a dad to Joseph Baena from his affair with the family housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena. Unlike Katherine, Joseph, and Patrick, who have public careers, Arnold’s other kids, Christina and Christopher, lead private life.

Christopher has a private Instagram page, whose bio reads “Lakers and University of Michigan. If I don’t know you, don’t try to follow me.” He has kept his life away from public scrutiny, and much isn’t known about his career or relationships.

The 25-year-old has been on a weight loss journey, and recent photos show that his efforts are paying off as he has lost weight. A source said when Christopher graduated in March 2020 from the University of Michigan, he decided to live a healthier life and get in shape.

Christopher looked effortlessly cool, having lost weight. He seems to have adopted his dad’s love for fitness and bodybuilding.

Arnold’s son cut down on junk food and started working out. Christopher seemed to have stuck to his resolution as he looked healthy. His health regime is working since his body now looks fit than it used to.

On Christopher’s birthday in 2021, Arnold celebrated him and said he was proud of his smart son, who has such a big heart. The actor confessed his love for Christopher and commended his fitness journey.

Arnold said Christopher had embarked on boxing, weightlifting, stretching, and cycling classes. He added that his son was doing so many things such that he couldn’t keep up with Christopher. “I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year,” the actor concluded.

Christopher was photographed recently, and his pictures compared to some of his throwback ones. The change in his body was evident, and fans praised him for keeping up with his goal and losing weight.

How Does Christopher Look Like after Losing Weight?
Christopher showed off his body transformation while on a gym trip in Los Angeles. He was dressed in a white T-shirt that covered his now slimmed-down figure. The T-shirt also showcased his muscular arms that were once chubby.

His thick biceps were on display as he adjusted the smartwatch on his wrist. Christopher looked handsome in navy blue sweatpants and white trainers from New Balance that had royal blue accents.

Arnold’s son, who also had a new haircut, accessorized his casual look with a gold chain dangling from his neck. Christopher looked effortlessly cool, having lost weight. He seems to have adopted his dad’s love for fitness and bodybuilding.

Fans were happy to see Christophers’ transformed look. “Congratulations and well done Christopher,” a fan wrote. Another fan told him, “BRAVO.” Fans said Christopher looked stunning and that he was brave for going on a weight loss journey.

Christopher, who focused on diet and exercise changes, looks absolutely different than he appeared a year ago. Fans said he had done well by focusing on his body, as the massive weight loss looked great on him.