Suites for $3K+ per Person: Inside the World’s Largest Cruise Ship Five Times Bigger than the Titanic

Prepare for an extraordinary voyage aboard the Icon of the Seas—the world’s largest cruise ship—set to embark on its maiden voyage in January 2024. This gigantic vessel has been meticulously built for the cruise line Royal Caribbean at a shipyard in Finland. Notably, it has already embarked on its first journey into open waters, signifying a remarkable milestone before its anticipated delivery in October 2023.

The awe-inspiring ship is a true engineering marvel, surpassing the size of the legendary Titanic by an astounding five times. Weighing an immense 250,800 tonnes and stretching a staggering 365 meters (1,200 feet) in length, it promises an unparalleled experience of luxury and grandeur.

Once on board, passengers will find themselves immersed in a world of luxury and adventure. The Icon of the Seas boasts a capacity to accommodate thousands of passengers comfortably and is staffed by a dedicated crew of 2,350 members, ensuring a seamless and indulgent journey for all. With an incredible at-sea capacity of around 10,000 people, this magnificent ship promises to create unforgettable memories for travelers.

The AquaDome offers a tranquil oasis during the day, transforming into a vibrant venue for dining, drinks, and aqua shows at night.

Inside the Magnificent Icon of the Seas
The highly anticipated Icon of the Seas is packed with an array of impressive features and experiences. With 20 decks and measuring 1,198 feet in length, it surpasses the current largest ship, Wonder of the Seas, and has the capacity to carry up to 7,600 passengers. The ship is divided into eight neighborhoods, each offering unique experiences, live entertainment, and a wide range of food and drink choices.

The prices for trips on the Icon of the Seas vary depending on the itinerary and room type.

One of the main highlights is Thrill Island, which boasts the largest waterpark at sea. It features six record-breaking slides, including the industry’s first open free-fall slide, a towering drop slide, and family raft slides. For those seeking relaxation, Chill Island offers four pools with stunning ocean views, including the line’s first swim-up bar and the largest pool at sea. Surfside provides a family-friendly oasis with a dedicated pool for adults and play areas for children.

The accommodations on the Icon of the Seas cater to families of all sizes. The options include the Family Infinite Balcony and Surfside Family Suite, as well as the Ultimate Family Townhouse, a three-story accommodation complete with its own white picket fence and mailbox. With a variety of onboard activities, such as rock climbing, a surf simulator, and a mini-golf course, there is something to entertain every type of vacationer.

For the Western Caribbean trip on February 17, 2024, the cheapest room is priced at $1,581 per person, while the suite has a price of $3,443 per person, making it the sailing adventure with the highest rate.

It’s important to note that these fares are not all-inclusive. While many activities, meals in the main dining room, and some drinks are included in the price, additional amenities such as specialty dining, spa treatments, and alcoholic beverages come at an extra cost. The quoted prices are accurate as of January 26, 2023, and the latest pricing and booking details can be found on Royal Caribbean’s official website.

So, after taking a virtual tour of the gigantic vessel, are you excited to embark on this record-breaking cruise ship with your family and friends?