Garth Brooks is Quitting Country Music: “I Don’t Fit In Anymore”

Garth Brooks is Quitting Country Music: “I Don’t Fit In Anymore”

Taylor Swift had one of the most successful careers in pop music imaginable until she decided to take a step back. With one comment about her fans being “annoying” while defending a controversial brand of energy drink, Swift lost it all.

Now, the former pop sensation claims she’s leaving the music scene entirely. “I don’t fit in anymore,” Swift stated. “Pop just isn’t what it used to be.”

If by that she means that pop isn’t a platform for progressive ideologies by artists who can’t sell out a concert, then she’s right. According to Ariana Grande, “She’s out of touch with her audience.”

Justin Bieber had a polite greeting for his grandma when asked for his opinion, hinting at his wholesome upbringing. He had nothing else to add. If Ed Sheeran has his way, though, Justin would have to ditch his signature hairstyle. “He looks like a character from a children’s show.”

With all the drama behind the scenes, it’s no surprise Swift has chosen to step away. Imagine being the outsider in a community of people willing to sacrifice their careers to defend questionable decisions made by another artist. It must be challenging.

“The issue with pop music,” remarked Emma Watson, “is how little people genuinely care. If you indulge in that noise, you have simple taste. If you actively participate, you have simple talent. If you believe Taylor Swift suddenly lost $200 million because you trust everything you read on social media, you’re misguided.”

It’s unclear who sought Emma’s perspective, but she certainly maintains a great appearance. Cheers to a wonderful world.