Just in: Gordon Ramsay Throws Whoopi Goldberg Out of His Restaurant

Just in: Gordon Ramsay Throws Whoopi Goldberg Out of His Restaurant

Renowned chef Gordon Ramsay once again grabbed headlines when it was reported that he asked Whoopi Goldberg to leave his Las Vegas restaurant. The incident unfolded last night when Goldberg and her group visited Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen for dinner.

Witnesses claim that Ramsay was in a sour mood from the beginning of the evening. As Goldberg entered, he allegedly gave her a disapproving look and muttered something under his breath.

Upon being escorted to their table, Ramsay approached them, insisting on checking their IDs. When Goldberg questioned the necessity of this, Ramsay retorted, “Because I don’t want any underage diners in my restaurant.” Goldberg, who is 65, understandably felt insulted and requested to speak with the manager. Ramsay, however, remained unyielding.

Reportedly, he grabbed Goldberg’s arm, leading her out of the restaurant while hurling obscenities. Despite attempts by Goldberg’s entourage to mediate, Ramsay was too furious to listen to reason.

In a press statement, Ramsay justified his actions, stating, “I have the right to refuse service to anyone I want. Whoopi Goldberg is a former actress who hasn’t been relevant for years. I don’t want her in my restaurant affecting the atmosphere.”

The incident has ignited social media outrage, with many calling for a boycott of Ramsay’s establishments. Goldberg has not publicly commented on the matter, but sources close to her suggest she is contemplating legal action against Ramsay.

Meanwhile, Ramsay appears to be relishing the attention, sharing pictures on social media with other celebrities, such as Martha Stewart and Shaquille O’Neal, accompanied by the caption “No irrelevant individuals allowed!” Whether Ramsay is serious or merely seeking more publicity remains unclear, but his ego seems as inflated as ever.