Kris Jenner Shares Heartbreaking Statement Remembering Her 65-Year-Old Younger Sister Karen Following Her Unexpected Passing

Kris Jenner, famous for her family and business acumen, recently shared a sad message on Instagram. Instead of her usual happy posts, she announced her younger sister Karen’s unexpected death at 65.

Kris expressed deep sadness for her mom MJ and niece Natalie, hoping for strength during this tough time.

Describing Karen as beautiful inside and out, Kris recalled her sister’s kindness, sensitivity, and humor. She emphasized Karen’s gratitude for life, her loved ones, and especially her daughter.

The exact circumstances of Karen’s passing weren’t disclosed, but Kris stressed the importance of treasuring every moment with loved ones.

Reflecting on their shared memories, Kris urged everyone to express love to those they cherish because life is unpredictable. She ended her message with a heartfelt declaration of love for her sister Karen.