NFL Ends 35 Year Partnership With Budweiser: “The Brand is Toxic”

NFL Ends 35 Year Partnership With Budweiser: “The Brand is Toxic”

In 1988, Anheuser Busch forged a significant alliance with the National Football League, marking a pivotal moment in the history of television commercials. During that season’s Super Bowl, viewers across the globe witnessed the inaugural “Bud Bowl.”

Over the span of eight Bud Bowls, concluding in 1997, the collaboration persisted. However, an unexpected twist awaited the partnership, personified by Dylan Mulvaney.

The NFL recently declared the termination of the partnership, citing concerns that Budweiser is deemed too divisive for the spirited football crowd.

“We want to avoid the additional challenge of fans engaging in political conflicts within the stands. The atmosphere is already quite unruly as it stands,” stated Joe Barron, NFL Head of Stadium Security. “Having Budweiser present would turn the drunk tank in Philly into a potential war zone.”

Indeed, individuals from rural New Jersey, erroneously identifying with Philadelphia due to its proximity to their agricultural surroundings, might instigate altercations with those consuming Bud Light, donning rainbow attire, or sporting politically progressive hairstyles.

“It’s a prudent decision,” affirmed Barron. “We’re considering a less controversial alternative like Pabst Blue Ribbon. Currently, we’ve only spotted one Pride shirt featuring their brand, and it appears to be homemade.”

Remarkably, even for the NFL’s standards, Budweiser managed to surpass the threshold of acceptability. God Bless America.