One Million Truckers Sign On To NY Boycott: “We Stand With 45”

One Million Truckers Sign On To NY Boycott: “We Stand With 45”

After the controversial verdict from Judge Engoron in NYC, there has been a strong reaction from certain Americans, particularly a group that shouldn’t be underestimated: truck drivers.

Truck drivers are often seen as the last American cowboys, known for their rough exterior, masculinity, and strong patriotism, as evidenced by the American flags and patriotic decorations on their rigs. A vast majority, around 98%, are supporters of former President Donald Trump.

In response to the verdict, truckers across the country have decided to take action. They have pledged to halt all freight transportation to and from New York City and New York State. This move, involving over a million truckers, is a statement against what they see as an injustice.

Joe Barron, a veteran trucker from Idaho, stated that New York is not even on his route, so he won’t be traveling there. Others have echoed similar sentiments, refusing to transport goods to the city. Attempts to interview more truckers were met with challenges, including unpleasant odors, drug use, and inappropriate behavior.

The organization of this boycott is primarily being coordinated by a Twitter user known as “Chicago Ray,” who is respected in the trucker community for his unique interests. While it’s unlikely that the boycott will fully materialize, it’s clear that some truckers are willing to take a stand, even if it means driving aimlessly on the interstate.

In conclusion, while the boycott may not have a widespread impact, it highlights the solidarity and determination of certain truckers to make their voices heard.