Search for 11-Year-Old Comes to Tragic End as Family Friend Who Helped Look for Her Is Arrested

When 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham went missing, family and friends alike aided in the search for her. That included family friend Don Steven McDougal.

For five days, the people of Polk County searched high and low Audrii. Tragically, the search had a devastating end as Audrii’s body was discovered tied to a large rock with a rope that police reportedly had seen before.
Now, Don Steven McDougal was arrested and charged with the 11-year-old’s murder.

According to reports, after initially adding in the search for Audrii, McDougal was questioned by police. He reported told law enforcement that he left the house with Audrii last Thursday morning, only to refuse to share any more details.
“To me, it simply tells me is that he’s trying to give the appearances that he has no play or he’s not at fault in her disappearance and that [he’s] part of the concerned parties who were trying to locate her,” Polk County Sheriff Byron Lyons said in a statement, according to ABC 13.

As FOX 26 reports, McDougal has a prior rap sheet which concludes prior convictions for enticement of a child.

How long McDougal was in Audrii’s life is unclear.