FANS Worry Simon Cowell Had a ‘Stroke’ Seeing His Latest Video Months After He Lost His Voice on Show


Fans are worried about Simon Cowell’s health following a recent video appearance that raised questions. Cowell had vocal cord problems earlier this year, linking them to stomach acid damage, which forced him to remain silent while judging “AGT” and struggle to speak on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

On Instagram, fans noticed changes in Cowell’s appearance, leading to speculation about his health. Some suggested he had a stroke or a poorly done Botox job, while unfounded rumors of his death circulated on social media.

  1. Despite these challenges, Cowell returned to “American Idol” as a judge for its 18th season in May 2023. However, during filming, he faced unexpected issues when something became lodged in his throat. Cowell underwent a medical examination involving a camera inserted down his throat and up his nose to investigate the issue.