NFL Refuses Colin Kaepernick’s Request For Active Status: “Nobody Is Gonna Hire You”

NFL Refuses Colin Kaepernick’s Request For Active Status: “Nobody Is Gonna Hire You”

Colin Kaepernick faced yet another setback in his attempt to return to professional football as the NFL’s ethics committee rejected his bid for “active status” this week. This decision effectively halts any immediate prospects of his involvement in the league for the foreseeable future.

Deputy Commissioner Joe Barron clarified that “active status” would enable Kaepernick to engage in various league-related activities such as tryouts, coaching opportunities, and endorsement pursuits. However, this petition was denied for the seventh consecutive year. Barron suggested Kaepernick explore alternative avenues, humorously mentioning selling hair products.

Kaepernick has consistently alleged discrimination due to his leadership in the kneeling movement, which prompted widespread boycotts within the NFL. However, Barron emphasized the league’s forward-looking stance, indicating a desire to avoid revisiting past controversies.

The denial of Kaepernick’s bid has drawn criticism, with sports analyst Tara Newhole describing it as a significant setback for the former player. Newhole also addressed the suggestion to pursue hair product sales, dismissing claims of racial undertones and endorsing it as a pragmatic career move.

In the midst of this commentary, Newhole’s tongue-in-cheek remark about not believing in “dog whistles” underscores the contentious nature of Kaepernick’s situation within the broader societal and political context.