Whoopi Goldberg Is Freaking Out Over Roseanne’s New Show

Whoopi Goldberg Is Freaking Out Over Roseanne’s New Show

Whoopi Goldberg has once again made her sentiments clear. Upon learning that Fox had inked Roseanne Barr to a lucrative 3-year, $40 million deal for a talk show to rival “The View,” Goldberg expressed strong disapproval.

In her impassioned remarks, Goldberg asserted that Barr was unworthy of sharing the same airtime, let alone occupying her time slot. She criticized Barr’s performance, likening it to a therapeutic session rather than a polished comedic routine.

Some speculate that Goldberg’s reaction stems from jealousy, particularly recalling moments where she herself found amusement in Barr’s anecdotes, such as the controversial story involving her cousin. This has led to suggestions that Goldberg’s animosity may be rooted in an inability to handle another woman’s success, perhaps indicating disdain for figures like Gina Carano.

Barr’s upcoming show reportedly adopts a similar format to “The View,” albeit with a conservative panel featuring a lone liberal voice. While potential panelists include Gina Carano, Candace Owens, Tomi Lahren, and Bristol Palin, Barr is still on the lookout for a liberal counterpart, albeit with little success so far.

Contrary to Goldberg’s assertions of owning a time slot, legal experts suggest that Barr could potentially pursue legal action for such claims. This underscores the competitive and litigious nature of the entertainment industry.

Ultimately, Goldberg’s sentiments notwithstanding, Barr’s star power seems undeniable, leaving Goldberg and “The View” to contend with the new competition.