Oliver Anthony Will Be Roseanne’s First Musical Guest

Oliver Anthony Will Be Roseanne’s First Musical Guest

Roseanne’s upcoming show is on the verge of hitting the airwaves, poised to debut early next month without any major hiccups. In a surprising twist, the initial musical guest has been switched to Oliver Anthony.

Anthony, who gained rapid fame with his hit “Rich Men North of Richmond,” expressed his honor in participating in a show with such an inspirational woman. “Roseanne has always been about the working-class person,” he remarked. “So it’s only fitting that I do her show. I’m thinking of bringing her some fudge rounds as a joke.”

Roseanne, known for her decades-long portrayal of a struggling mom in a blue-collar world, would likely find such humor in line with her down-to-earth persona. “The Conners didn’t get no welfare,” she asserted. “Me and Dan worked our asses off to feed those rotten little bastards.”

While Roseanne’s shift toward conservatism may appear contradictory to her past, and her newfound patriotism is a far cry from the controversial rendition of the National Anthem she delivered years ago, her ability to evolve is what endears her to fans.

Regrettably, her recent transformation into a vocal advocate of conspiracy theories for the “X” cult has drawn criticism. Nevertheless, her first show promises a good musical performance before potential challenges arise.

Here’s to hoping that, at least for the initial episode, there’s a good song before any potential cancellation. God bless America.