The View Breaks the Record for the Lowest Ratings in TV History

The View Breaks the Record for the Lowest Ratings in TV History

ABC’s “The View” has faced a steady decline in ratings over the years, especially following the departures of Barbara Walters and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. This week, the show reached a new low, setting the record for the lowest television ratings in the 10 AM to 2 PM time slot.

Executive Producer Joe Barron commented on the situation, stating, “It’s pretty embarrassing for the hosts. They believe their show is popular and that it deserves every award imaginable. They can’t see the reality of their situation through the blinders they wear.”

The decline has reached a point where even awards shows are taking a step back. The Daytime Emmys won’t accept any nominations this year due to Whoopi’s views on the Israel-Hamas war, Sunny’s remarks about Ukraine, and Joy’s controversial comparison of playing football to joining the Klan.

Barron added, “None of that sat well with their fans, and they’re seeing the end results now.”

However, ALLOD Entertainment Reportalator Tara Newhole investigated the issue and found that much of the hype around the show’s demise is exaggerated. She stated, “The View is and has been the number-one show on daytime television for…ever. It has a loyal and reliable viewership and covers a wide variety of topics, not all of which are controversial or political.”

Despite the conflicting perspectives, the online narrative portrays The View in disarray, with frequent firings of Whoopi and ongoing legal issues. In this online reality, the show seems to be in shambles, although it consistently garners awards.