“Pete Carroll Dismisses Rookie Receiver for Anthem Kneeling: “Leave the Field”

“Pete Carroll Dismisses Rookie Receiver for Anthem Kneeling: “Leave the Field”
www.allproreels.com — Washington Football Team vs. Seattle Seahawks from FedEx Field, November 29th, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

After an impressive college career and a remarkable leap to the 2nd round of the draft, rookie wide receiver Joe Barron finds himself back on the market as a free agent.

Barron, who inked a $12 million deal with the Seattle Seahawks for three years, violated the team’s strict ‘anthem kneeling’ policy by taking a knee during the anthem.

“He may talk a big game about his rights and threatening legal action, but he signed the policy agreement,” stated Carroll. “He’s no longer part of the team, and there’s no recourse for him.”

The NFL permits each team to establish its own guidelines on protests as long as they don’t occur during live game play. “Such actions have been prohibited since the McMahon-Rozelle incident of 1985,” noted NFL Deputy Commissioner Jack Bowman. “We can’t afford another debacle like that.”

None of the relevant individuals in the article will engage with us. “Why keep bringing up the kneeling issue?” queried Lucas, an acquaintance from a shared cab ride in Houston. “It’s been quiet on that front for years.”

Indeed, why stir the pot, patriots? Sometimes, the simplest explanation holds true. Certain controversies capture attention. Some still believe Lia Thomas clinched 40 world records last year. They hope Whoopi Goldberg was genuinely fired five times a month, just as we report. The answer is straightforward: God Bless America.