Toby Keith unleashes his thoughts on Garth Brooks in a candid interview.

Toby Keith unleashes his thoughts on Garth Brooks in a candid interview.

After learning that Toby Keith had distanced himself from Garth Brooks, we reached out to get further details. Toby and Garth, despite their differing views, had always collaborated effectively. However, Toby now refuses to participate in any project associated with the Brooks name.

We caught up with Keith at the Memphis Chicken Shack to hear firsthand how their friendship dissolved.

“Garth used to be a stand-up guy,” remarked Keith, “But then he became consumed by the ‘woke’ mentality, fixating on advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. Supporting LGBTQ+ rights isn’t the issue, but it became his sole focus.”

“It became unsettling,” he continued, “When he publicly reprimanded Kid Rock over the Dylan Mulvaney incident. We thought it was a joke, perhaps influenced by Trish.”

However, Toby described increasingly bizarre behavior thereafter. “During a poker game at his bungalow near Vegas, he suggested a strip poker game, despite it being an all-male gathering. It was perplexing. He made advances towards Keith Urban, only to be interrupted by Trish, who was inexplicably covered in peach preserves. That’s when I realized it was time to part ways.”

Toby prefers not to dwell on that evening, though the memory of the “cheese Danish ritual” remains vivid.

Thankfully, Toby decided to move forward. Garth Brooks is in the past, and Toby has no intention of revisiting that chapter. God Bless America.